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By Kendall Caputo

Sometimes, Even the Best Properties Do Not Sell!

I can understand your frustration! You thought your property would sell in just a matter of weeks and instead, you are still cleaning all the time and leaving voice mail messages for your real estate agent.

Do not be discouraged. The reason your real estate is not selling may have nothing to do with your property itself. In reality, it may be one of the more desirable properties on the market. There are all sorts of factors that go into the timely selling of real estate. When you are educated on all those factors and completely understand what is going on around you, it is much less stressful, and you actually understand how to position your home in the market place!

Despite what you hear in the news, our real estate market is changing.  Available homes for sale in Palm Coast are at a five year low, interest rates are below 4%, and Palm Coast has been nationally recognized as one of the top places to retire by three national publications; Forbes magazine in 2010, CNN Money in 2011 and Where To Retire Magazine in 2012.  To top it all off baby boomers are retiring in record numbers.

There is no reason for a properly priced and marketed home not to sell in Palm Coast.  If your home was rejected by the market, there is a reason.  Whether it was improper pricing, poor exposure, lack of cooperation with other brokerages by your prior listing company or another reason, we are experts in determining why your home languished on the market.  

If I have the opportunity to meet with you for a marketing consultation, I will show you my proprietary “Market Stats That Matter.”  Understanding these numbers is vitally important to properly position your home in the market.  Any agent who applies for the job of marketing your home must be able to show you these numbers and explain to you why they matter.   

As consultants, our real estate practice is built on the principles of customization and personal service.  We focus on what real estate consumers need, not what the industry has previously chosen to deliver.  Because we focus on helping consumers solve problems and achieve dreams, our clients are happy.

My wife Rose and I are full‑time, professional real estate agents. While our comptetors blame what they still say is a slow market, I have sold more than 50 properties here in Palm Coast and Flagler Beach every year.

Together, we will identify the reason why your real estate has not sold and we can discuss what we're going to do about it through a customized marketing plan for your situation and property.

I can assure you that I will design a customized and innovative marketing program for you, just as I have done for every one of my clients. I give maximum exposure advertising, maximum internet exposure with sophisticated search engine placement, and many specialized programs such as my Curbside Info© service and GPS enabled mobile web application. I educate the other agents in the MLS and my office on how to best present your property.

Your property deserves a second chance! Pick up the phone and call me today at (386) 986-7091, and start visualizing your property sold!

Kendall Caputo,

Certified Real Estate Negotiator

Broker Associate

(386) 986-7091

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