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I understand why you might want to try to sell the home on your own, the thought of saving the commission is sure appealing. You can do it, but consider this:

When someone wants to by a house, they have two basic options. They can either use a real estate agent (at no cost to them) who will use computer technology to zero in on homes that match their needs, map everything out, and put them in their nice car and chauffeur them around to view all the properties, OR, they can do all of the leg work themselves.

If you think about it, why would a buyer want to go through the hassle of doing it all themselves? Because they feel that they are doing the job of the real estate agent, so they should save the amount of the commission!! Why else would the buyer do all the work themselves unless they thought it would save them some money?

So on one hand you have the seller, who the only reason they are trying to sell it on their own is to save the commission, and on the other hand the buyer, who the only reason that they are shopping from a for sale by owner is to save the commission! Both buyer and seller can't save the same commission!

There are four main types of home buyers, and its important to know a little about each type:

TYPE ONE: FIRST TIME HOMEBUYERS - This type has never bought a home before, and they are a little unsure of themselves. They need someone to hold their hand and guide them through the process. They are an important group of buyers, and they almost always use a real estate agent.

TYPE TWO: RELOCATION BUYERS - This type is moving in from out of town, so they are unfamiliar with the areas, schools, neighborhoods, values, etc. They need someone who knows the area well to assist them. This group makes up the largest percentage of buyers in Palm Coast and Flagler Beach and they almost always use a real estate agent.

TYPE THREE: MOVE UP BUYERS - This type already owns a home, and wants to buy a more expensive one. They are usually busy with work, and don't have time to drive around looking for signs or get out a magnifying glass to sort through small classified ads. They want to have homes that meet their criteria ready to look at, and have all the details handled for them. They don't have time to waste, so they almost always use a real estate agent.

TYPE FOUR: INVESTORS AND BARGAIN HUNTERS This type is looking for a great deal. They are not emotionally involved with any particular property, it's all just numbers. This group includes the people who just bought a "no money down" course from a late night infomercial that tells them to call on for sale by owners. They ask if you have an assumable loan or will carry the mortgage yourself. They want a below market price, and unfortunately for owners like yourself who are trying to sell themselves, this is the type of buyers that you attract most.

While the odds are against you, selling your own home is by no means impossible. I'm not trying to say that you can't do it. People do it all the time, but it takes a lot of time and energy and its not as easy as it seems.

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