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Take advantage of real estate bargains for a secure retirement. Purchase foreclosures within your Individual Retirement Account.

What do Enron, Worldcom, CMGI and IndyMac Bank have in common? They were probably significant holdings in your personal stock portfolio or mutual fund at one time. Now, these once darlings of Wall Street are out of business. Be honest, are you disappointed about what has happened to your stock portfolio and 401Ks recently? A wise real estate investor said this about financial investments: “Why on earth would you give your hard earned money to someone you don’t know who puts it into something you don’t understand.” Maybe, just maybe you should consider owning something tangible like investment grade real estate.

But this is the worst real estate market in years. It is true that this is perhaps the most depressed real estate market many people have experienced in their lifetime. But would you rather put your future in the hands of the next Bernie Maddoff or invest in a piece of income producing real estate you can drive by every day.

Invest in Main Street, not Wall Street. Did you know that some of the greatest fortunes were made during the worst economic times in our history? In a recent interview Mel Robbins business consultant to some of the most successful executives in the world said “The richest people in the world make a habit of acting calmly and swooping in at times of chaos and taking advantage of bargains in Real Estate. While most Americans are bunkered down hiding from the recession, those of us with a wealth mindset are busy planning.” You can be tomorrow’s success story if you understand that today’s real estate market is a market of opportunity, not a market of desperation.

Use a self directed IRA to invest in foreclosures. This is not some midnight infomercial get rich quick scam. You can use your existing tax sheltered retirement plan to make safe real estate investments that will out perform fixed income investments and reduce your exposure to the volatile equity markets. Between the beginning of 2008 and the spring of 2009 the US stock market shed over 40% of its value, with trillions of dollars being lost. IRA and 401k investors became worried that their retirement funds won’t be there when needed, and for good reason. Much of their investment capital was tied up in mutual funds as they helplessly watched in horror as their savings evaporated. To cut their losses, many investors liquidated their accounts and moved into cash. Such a move does stop the bleeding, but what to do next? Cash doesn’t earn much, cash investors are lucky to get a paltry 2% on their money. You can take a more active role in managing your retirement account by moving at least some of your money into a Self-Directed IRA. The Self-Directed IRA is exactly what it sounds like: you choose where the money is invested and simply direct your IRA custodian to invest in whatever you (the investors) chooses. Then earnings such as rental income are deposited directly into the IRA account. Kendall Caputo, veteran real estate investor, and leading associate at Palm West Home Realty, has teamed up with Orlando based Entrust Services, one of the nations most respected IRA custodians to enable his select clients to capitalize on today’s real estate market. If you would like to learn how to safely invest part of your IRA or company sponsored retirement plan in real estate and enjoy eight to ten percent annual returns, (or more) call Kendall today (386) 986-7091 for a private consultation.

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