Our Core Values

We Believe in a $6 Cup of Coffee

We are a local Palm Coast FL, full-service, real estate team who delights in helping people buy and sell homes in Palm Coast and Flagler Beach.  We are not a discount brokerage.  People line up at Starbucks for a reason.  They have great coffee, an inviting space, and a premium brand that reflects the tastes of our generation.    We believe in a $6 cup of coffee...a premium experience for a select group of clients who value positive energy and unforgettable service.

We Believe in Magic:  

Service and emotional engagement are not just words to us.  They are the very fabric of who we are.  We believe in creating exceptional moments for you.  Our goal in every transaction is to inspire you to say, "I never knew a salesperson could serve me like that."  We look daily to add magic  to your real estate experience.  Our mantra is "Be memorable."

We Believe in our Clients:  

We're not #1 in sales units.  We don't pollute the road side with our faces on billboards.  It's not about market share.  The star of this show is you. What we do is all about making your goals and dreams come true.  Welcome to Real Living, when you walk through our door, or we through yours, making you the focus of our actions is our only goal.  We believe in our clients.  We love them, support them, and celebrate them. We're not #1 but by not trying to be we've come very close.  

We Believe in Simplicity:

Clear communication, everyday language, real people and genuine affection.  

We Believe in Change:

We don't ignore it, hide from it or dodge it. When we see the next big wave of change, we will ride it.  We delight in being on the cutting edge of our industry. Sometimes we even find ourselves on the bleeding edge, but if it doesn't work we scrap it. The most successful people at anything persist longer and try more things. We are passionate about performing at the highest level.  We are nimble, quick, and ready to step out of, onto, or just plain over the top of the box.  

We Believe in Being Better:  

Not better by comparison to others, but by comparison to ourselves.  Serving better, making improvements, and growing our approach are fundamental and daily pursuits.  Better in balance. Better in service.  Better in results.  We look for the daily adjustments that improve our performance and lives. 

We believe we provide a radically different real estate experience: We are a radically different real estate company.


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